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Little Bits About Final Fantasy Type-0

PSP title may not make it out until Fall.

A fight against Gilgamesh in Final Fantasy Type-0.

Famitsu has its promised update on Final Fantasy Type-0 this week, complete with a developer interview. Here's a summary of what's leaked out from the magazine.

  • The game will have 30 to 40 hours play time, or 100 hours for those who play fully.
  • Development is currently 80% complete.
  • We'll probably have to wait until Fall for the game (this was said with an apology, as the game was previously promised for Summer).
  • There will be a music tie-up.
  • The basics of the game outside of multiplayer are complete. They're currently working on the ad-hoc play component.
  • The game will have some fighting game style elements, like movement canceling.
  • The Type-0 version of Shiva is sexy.
  • You can hold down buttons to repeat moves rather than pressing the button repeatedly.
  • Button assignment includes: triangle for your character's standard attack, circle and square can be assigned to attacks and magic, X for defense and defensive magic, and L + d-pad to swap your character.
  • Square Enix is currently looking into the possibility of a download version
  • The game has 14 main characters. At one point during development, the figure was 40.
  • Similar to The 3rd Birthday, there will be Square Enix Members connectivity. You'll be able to see stats on character use and enemy kills amongst fellow members.

Famitsu's editors were able to play a demo of Type-0. The general Japanese public won't have to wait long for a similar chance, as the game will be playable at an Odaiba event starting July 16.

[via FF Reunion]

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