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Metal Max 2 Being Remade for DS

Developer putting knowhow from Metal Max 3 into remake.


Kadokawa Games will be remaking Metal Max 2 for the DS, Famitsu reveals this week. Titled Metal Max 2 Reloaded, the remake will have features that couldn't be included in the original. The developers are putting to use the knowhow they gained in making Metal Max 3 for the system (released last July).

The original Metal Max 2 was released for Super Famicom in March 1993. It was ported to Game Boy Advance in June 2003 as Metal Max 2 Kai.

The DS remake will see release this Winter, priced ¥6,090 in standard form and ¥8,190 in limited form.

The original Super Famicom version of Metal Max 2.

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