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Your New Hot Shots Golf 5 Packaging

Move and Eye bundle joined by budget version in September.


New packaging is on the way for Hot Shots Golf 5. In case you haven't picked up the nearly four year old golf game (it came out on July 26, 2007!), you'll have two value options in September:

  • Hot Shots Golf 5 PlayStation 3 the Best: ¥2,980
  • Hot Shots Golf 5 Beginners Pack: ¥6,980

The PS3 the Best version is actually the second such version for the game. The first one was released on December 11, 2008. This new version is priced about ¥1,000 lower.

The Beginners Pack includes the PS3 the Best version of the game, a PS Move Motion Controller, and PlayStation Eye.

Both versions will be released on September 8.

Current Hot Shots Golf 5 owners will be able to download a free patch to up their copy of the game to Move and 3D support. This patch will be available for free on July 14.

Sony has been giving periodic updates to the Hot Shots Golf 5 official site showing some of the new PlayStation Move features, so be sure and check the site periodically.

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