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Tengai Makyo Jipang 7 Pulled After Three Months

Service being halted on browser-based version of classic JRPG.


Three months after first beginning service on Tengai Makyo Jipang 7, Red, Alchemia, and GameComplex are pulling the plug on the game. Service will permanently end with the end of the first season, on July 26.

Tengai Makyo Jipang 7 is a browser game based off Tengai Makyo, one of the classic Japanese RPG franchises. The title began official service on April 5.

A message at the game's official site said that service was being cancelled because it was determined that offering a satisfying product would be difficult.

Those who have been playing the game will find details on the end of service schedule at the official site.

Scenes from Tengai Makyo Jipang 7.

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