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Nintendo Firm on Software Exclusivity Following Smartphone Pokemon App

The Pokemon smartphone app.

Earlier this week, The Pokmon Company announced a free Pokemon rhythm game called Pokemon Ie Tap?, to be released this summer on iPhone and Android smartphones. With a Pokemon game appearing on a non Nintendo platform, does this mean Nintendo has changed its firm policy about releasing its IPs on other platforms?

Bloomberg reports that company PR head Yasuhiro Minagawa played down the smartphone app in comments released on the 6th. Minagawa stressed that The Pokmon Company is a separate company from Nintendo. With regards to offering Nintendo's own software on other makers' hardware, he said "there is no change, and no plans for a change in the future."

In Japan, Pokemon games are released through The Pokmon Company. Nintendo holds a 32% stake in the company, has partial ownership of the Pokemon trademark and also serves as distributor of Pokemon titles.

Bloomberg notes that Nintendo's stock rose following reports of the Pokemon smartphone game on the morning of the 6th, at one point rising 4.9% above the prior day. However, following Minagawa's comments, the stocks suddenly fell, ending at 1.2% above the prior day. An investor at Cosmo Securities told the site that investors may have been anticipating a change in Nintendo's strategy.

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