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The King of Fighters Available on iPhone

Check out a clip of touchable Mai. Plus, Billy Kane gets even more work!


The King of Fighters is the next fighting game series to get the software keyboard treatment on iOS. SNK Playmore released The King of Fighters i on iPhone/iPod touch today, priced ¥900.

Have a look at a clip of the below, courtesy Famitsu's Youtube channel:

The King of Fightes i features 14 characters, including Billy Kane who's making his first return to the series since KOF2003 (you'll recall hearing about Billy recently with regards to the home version of KOFXIII). SNK Playmore plans on adding six additional characters by October, Famitsu.com reports.

Modes of play include 3 on 3 team battle, 1 on 1 single battle, an endless survival mode, and a training mode. The game supports Bluetooth for local wireless play. You can also collect trading cards which can be exchanged with other players.

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