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Level 5's Girls' RPG Being Made by Female Staff

CEO and director explain why 3DS title saw a name change.


Thanks to Famitsu.com, we have an updated look at Girls' RPG Cinderella Life, the Level-5 3DS title that was previously known as Kyaba Jo Pi for 3DS. Take a look at Famitsu.com, or below.

Girls' RPG is based off a cell phone title that was released to Level-5's ROID mobile portal a couple of years back under the Kyaba Jo Pi name. The original version was a hostess sim where you attempted to make your avatar into a successful hostess. In an interview with Weekly Faimtsu this week, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino said Kyaba Jo Pi was ROID's most popular title.

The new name was chosen in order to reduce the ties with the hostess, or kyabajo, profession, which is often a seedy profession even though it was portrayed in a comical and cute fashion in the game. Some might be against the idea of hostesses, explained Hino.

Hino is the game's executive producer. The game is being directed by Sapporo-based Game Do CEO Megumi Nakamura and produced by Ken Ogura. Character designs are from Miho Tanaka, who's been a Level-5 employee since the company's formation.

In Famitsu's interview, Hino and Nakamura said that the core of the development staff is, like Nakamura herself, female. The target of the game is a female audience.

The "kyabajo" name isn't just gone from the title. The in-game profession has also changed to Neosienne (This is written in Japanese as "ネオジェンヌ." I'm not sure how to write it in English, but I thought it might be a play on Parisienne, or a Paris girl).

You play the game as a custom avatar. Your character has come from the countryside to Neo Ginza in pursuit of the legend of the butterfly that is said to bring luck. On the way, you encounter a girl who gives you a card and says that the butterfly exists in the place listed on the card, Castle. You decide to make your debut at Castle as a Neosienne.

Castle is a facility where the Neosienne offer a happy time to customers. The place is visited by idols, politicians, CEOs of major companies, and other VIPs.

These VIPs serve as the customers you interact with in the game. You'll engage in interactive conversations, selecting from multiple responses. You'll also have to get the customers to order food items. Get them to order form the high price menu, and you'll get higher bonuses.

Other hostesses from Castle.

Some of the VIPs are based off collaborative characters. This was true of the cell phone version as well. In the older screenshots of the game (visible in our database page), you can see a few of the collaborations.

You're not the only hostess in Castle. Using Spot Pass, you can exchange business cards with other players. The other players' avatars will appear in the game. You can also receive dresses, wallpapers and other items from them.

In addition to the Castle facility, you'll be able to access the Neo Ginza city and a My Room area. The My Room area is set on the second floor of a flower shop. You can go here to change your clothes and do your makeup. You can also customize the interior, changing the wallpaper and furniture.

The Neo Ginza city has fashion shops, cafes, restaurants, parks and other facilities. The game will show a map as you explore, just in case you get lost. There will be changes depending on daytime or night.

Exploring Neo Ginza is one part of the game. When you wake up in your My Room in the morning, after selecting your clothing, you head out on the town. You're free to do what you want. You can go shopping, or you can speak with the personable town residents.

When you first start out the game, you can customize your avatar with such areas as eye shape and body type. As you progress through the game, you'll be able to make changes to such areas as hair style, skin color, eye shade, contact color, lipstick, hair accessory, necklace, ear piercing, ring, glasses, handbag and other areas. You'll find over 1,000 items. You can also select a voice for your character.

One of the voices was from Nakamura herself. In Famitsu's interview, she said that it's her policy to put her voice in the games that she makes.

Game Do's CEO provides voices for Girls' RPG.

Girls' RPG is due for release some time in 2011.

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