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Hideo Kojima Announcing Something Today

Tonight's episode of the Hideradio podcast to have an announcement of some form.

This is how they record a Hideradio podcast.

Many of Hideo Kojima's Twitter posts have been in Spanish of late (he was visiting Mexico and retweeting the posts from the Kojima Productions Spanish Twitter), so you might have missed the little tease Kojima posted on the 5th. Wrote Kojima: "In this week's Hideradio, I will make an announcement."

This week's installment of the Hideradio podcast will be a continuation of the entry from June 25 focusing on Snatcher. Kojima and crew will be speaking about the PC Engine version of the game.

Famitsu.com mentioned Kojima's Tweet, which is a bit out of the ordinary as they don't usually cover the little Twitter teases.

Before people start anticipating a Snatcher sequel announcement, we should warn that Kojima probably wouldn't make such a major announcement through a podcast. You should probably expect something smaller scale -- almost certainly not a new game announcement.

Check the Hideoblog later today for the podcast.

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