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Senritsu no Stratus Has Side Scrolling Action

First gameplay details from Konami's collaboration with Infinite Space developer Nudemaker.


Konami has finally delivered actual gameplay details for Senritsu no Stratus (Terror of the Stratus), its collaborative PSP project with Infinite Space developer Nudemaker.

You'll remember Stratus as one of the three high profile projects Konami announced a couple of months back (the other two were tri-Ace's Frontier Gate and Beyond the Labyrinth). At its announcement, Konami listed the game as an "action adventure" with a hard sci-fi theme, but did not provide gameplay details. You can read up on the background story in this article.

Famitsu.com has first solid gameplay details, revealing that the game has two action modes, one where you control your your character directly, and one where you control a giant "Arabaki" mecha.

The former mode is known as "Defense Mode." In this side-view 3D action mode, you form a party of up to three characters. Each character has unique weapons and special attacks, so you'll need to switch off between them as you do battle. Your goal here is to seek out the weak point of the massive invading enemy creature while fighting off the smaller foes it sends out at you.

As you progress through Defense Mode, you'll build up information about the invading creature and its weak point. Eventually, you'll be able to report to your superiors that you've found the enemy's weak point and strategy for attack. You'll then be allowed to call out your Arabaki mecha and enter Annihilation Mode (or Extermination Mode if you prefer... select which one sounds cooler to you).

In Annihilation Mode, you pilot your Arabaki in a one-on-one fight with the invading creature. The enemy is impervious to standard attacks, so you'll have to follow the strategy that you formed during Defense Mode and strike at the weak point.

Side scrolling action sequences in Defense Mode.
Gather information about the main enemy invader during Defense Mode.
Take to your Arabaki mecha for the final fight!

It looks like there's quite a bit of action in Senritsu no Stratus' action adventure genre. Visit Famitsu.com for even more screenshots.

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