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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Character Designs From Kingdom Hearts Avatar Designer


If you've managed to see the screenshots of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (available in the latest Weekly Shounen Jump, which hit shops today), you might have noticed that the characters look like they were ripped straight out of the Kingdom Hearts Mobile universe. There's a pretty good reason for this.

The game's characters, monsters and logo design are from MonsterOctopus, who worked on avatars for Kingdom Hearts Mobile. MonsterOctopus revealed his (or her?) role via Twitter today.

MonsterOctopus is part of a design group called MonsterSoup. The group does character design and art direction. Their works page lists such games as Tsukibito (SNK Playmore) and Livly Island (So-net).

With Theatrhythm appearing in Jump today, we should be getting an official online announcement from Square Enix later in the week.

[Via FF-Reunion]

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