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Neptune Mk2 Has a Cave Character

PS3 owners will get their Cave shooter one way or the other!


Cave still hasn't gotten into the habit of releasing its shoot'em ups on PS3. But there will be a Cave shooter for Sony's platform thanks to Compile Heart.

"Cave-chan" is the latest character addition for Neptune Mk2. In the tradition of characters like Gust, IF (Idea Factory), and Compa (Compile Heart), Cave-chan is a play on Cave, makers of many fine Xbox 360 and arcade shooters.

Cave-chan is a shooter in the Leanbox Special Forces, and flies about the country of Leanbox and maintains the peace. She's friends with 5pb-chan and Chika-chan, who are from the same country.

For this character reveal, Dengeki PlayStation got commentary from Makoto Asada, development head at Cave. He'd been expecting a macho character, but was surprised to find the character is actually a cute girl.

We'll hopefully get our first official online look at that that cute girl later this week.

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