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Over 50 Songs in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

3DS rhythm game originally planned for DS. Release set for Winter.


First bits from Famitsu's report on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy have surfaced. Here's what's new:

  • The game will have over 50 songs.
  • The songs include three songs each for FFI through FFXIII, corresponding to each game's Field, Battle and Event stages.
  • In addition to 3D visuals, the game will have surround sound.
  • A release is planned for Winter.
  • Development on the game originally started on the DS but the project was moved to the the 3DS. The staff had apparently had space issues on the DS, somethign that was resolved with the platform switch.

Famitsu's report on Theatrhythm is just one part of a huge Square Enix feature this week. In past months, Famitsu delivered features on Sony Computer Entertainment, Sega and Capcom. This week, it's Square Enix's turn.

Of course, the big attraction is a Tetsuya Nomura interview that is expected to offer some new details on Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Check back later to see what surfaces.

[via Sinobi]

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