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A Look at Dragon Quest Collection

Scenes from the animated opening, the mode select screen and the bonus goods.


Square Enix has provided a closer look at the content of Dragon Quest Collection, including the game's opening animation and bonus content.

The opening animation shows flashback scenes from Dragon Quest I, II and III. The animation was created by Kamikaze Douga, which did the animation for Dragon Quest IX and Wii's Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory.

These screens from the intro depict, respectively, DQI, DQII and DQIII.

The intro is included on the game disc along with an art collection a Dragon Quest X video.

Here's what the title screen looks like.

To begin the game, you select the left option. The art collection is the right option.

Separate from the game disc, Square Enix is including a couple of bonuses with the first print run. Buyers will get a 130 page recreation of Shueisha's Famicom Shinken strategy guide series. There are some developer interviews in there as well, included in their original form.

Also included is this die cast 25th anniversary medal. It's 28 millimeters, which is apparently the size it appears in the game.




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