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One More Tales of Xillia Character Reveal

Meet King Gaias and his glowing red sword.


Earlier in the week, we got details on Shian (or possibly Cyan) Rem, the previously unidentified character shown to the upper left of the Tales of Xillia box art. Today, details have surfaced on the other unidentified character from the box, shown to the upper right.

All characters accounted for!

The character with the brown hair is revealed in Jump this week to be Gaias, current king of the northern of the two rival kingdoms that form the land of Liese Maxia. Gaias is a Mutsumi Inomata design and is voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu.

A screenshot in Jump shows Gaias wielding a sword that glows red. The magazine says that he fights with this weapon, but does this mean he will be a playable character?

Gaias is king of this part of the world.

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