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Rune Factory 4 Hero and Heroine Candidates

Get close up with the doki doki zoom system.


Spend some time this three day weekend getting to know two of your virtual wife and husband candidates for Rune Factory 4.

First, heroine candidate Margaret.

Margaret (voiced by Aoi Yuuki) is an elf with a serious but kind and caring personality. She plays music at the local eatery, entertaining diners every night with her beautiful music. "You! Throw garbage in the garbage bin!" is the catch phrase Marvelous chose to share for her.

Next, hero candidate Bishnal.

Bishnal (voiced by Daisuke Namikawa) is learning to become a steward from an elder in the field. He takes people words at face value, so he's easy to fool. He didn't agree with his parents' opinions, and so he left home.

Once you've found a candidate that interests you, you'll start going out on dates with them. This "dating" thing is a new feature for Rune Factory 4.

The dating component uses the new "Doki Doki Zoom" system. Doki Doki is the sound of your heart. When you're in love with someone, you say you're doki doki for them. In Rune Factory 4, when you and your candidate are doki doki for each other -- that is, your affection level has increased -- the screen will zoom in the lovers' world. This apparently consists of things like fishing and playing a piano.

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