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Final Fantasy Type-0's Control Chart

Ghost play Type-0 in case you can't make it out to Odaiba tomorrow.


Final Fantasy Type-0 is going playable tomorrow. As with most Square Enix playable debuts, Square Enix will be handing out control cards to those who line up, and as with most Square Enix playable debuts, we've been given an early glimpse through the game's official site.

Here's a summary:

L Button
Hold down to show the menu
Control the camera. When the menu is showing, press up to pull in a member from your reserve and press left to switch your character.
Analogue Pad
Control your character
R Button
Lock on to enemy
Standard Attack
Attack Magic
Defense. With analogue pad motions, evade. Hold for support and recovery magic.
Start Button
Show start menu
Select Button
Use Items

The basics of the game are shown below the control chart.

Character Change
While holding the L button, press d-pad left to change your character. You can have three characters in battle simultaneously and can freely switch off your current control character between the three. When one character in your party dies, press up while holding the L button and you can call in a character from your reserve.
Target Lock On
Hold R button to lock on to the enemy you want to attack. You can then use the d-pad left and right to switch between targets, press down to switch to the nearest target, and press up to switch to the enemy you defeated.
Call out summon
Press triangle + circle. The character you're controlling when you call you called out the summon will die, and in his place you'll control the summon.
Take in Phontoma
Lock on to an enemy that you defeated and press circle. Phontoma will recover your MP.

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