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Sony Opens PSP Remaster Official Site

Monster Hunter master Ryozo Tsujimoto tells us how MHP3rd HD project got started.


Sony doesn't usually update the Japanese PlayStation.com site on Saturdays. Today is the exception, as Sony opened the official site for the PSP Remaster series.

PSP Remaster is a new series consisting of PSP titles remastered for PS3, with HD visuals, Dual Shock controls and other features. In Japan so far, only Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has been announced. There's no indication at the official site of further announcements.

Sony makes three points about the series at the official site:

  • Use the save data in the home and on the go
  • Play with friends (Using Ad-hoc, PS3 players can play locally with PSP players.)
  • Play with players nationwide (Using Ad-hoc party, you can play with distant players, and also use text chat and voice chat.)

The site also says that PSP Remaster series titles will offer new content, new stages and "special movies."

Commemorating the site's opening, Sony has posted some messages from its engineers and Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto. Tsujimoto revealed that when Sony first told Capcom about the PSP Remaster series, they showed him a demo they'd prepared of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Capcom immediately decided to go ahead with making Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD. There were some issues remaining at that time, but the fact that the game looked better than they'd been expecting, was the clincher.

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