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"Crystarium" Spotted in Final Fantasy Type-0

Is Final Fantasy XIII's growth system getting shrunk down for PSP?

The Crystarium growth system in Final Fantasy XIII.

Final Fantasy Type-0 shares a common mythology with Final Fantasy XIII. But it may have another connection.

A player who sampled Type-0 at a demo event in Odaiba today claims that there is a "Crystarium" of some form in the game. You use this strengthen your abilities.

Crystarium is, of course, the character growth system from Final Fantasy XIII. In FFXIII, each character has a set of roles, which are like jobs. You can use CP, earned in battle, to climb through a visual skill chart for each role, earning new skills and increasing your HP, MP and other parameters.

Assuming the account is accurate, this would be the first we've head of a Crystarium system in Type-0. Square Enix actually hasn't said much about the game's character growth component.

Some other points from the player's impressions included:

  • The end of the demo showed the text "Battle Starts Soon." It's unclear what this means, as a release date has not yet been announced. Perhaps we'll either get a release date soon, or the demo will be released on PSN.
  • Famitsu's impressions mentioned support characters named Tabata D and Kitase P, named after the game's director and producer. This player was helped by a character named "WADY." CEO Yochi Wada perhaps? Another player found a "Nomura CP" who wielded dual guns and said "Sorry to have kept you waiting."
  • The game's Kill Sight system felt similar to The 3rd Birthday's Overdive system according to this player.
  • Famitsu's editor complained that the camera has some problems in tight quarters. This player had the same complaint.
  • In the config menu, you can switch the game's L-shift buttons from the d-pad to the face buttons. L brings up a menu for switching characters and calling out your reserve characters. See this story for a control chart.
  • There appears to be a battle stadium style area, although you couldn't go there in the demo.

Separate from the above impressions, FF Reunion's Aibo posted some pics from the event space at his Twitter. Included are some nice shots of Rem and Machina, two primary characters from the game.

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