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Namco Bandai Mystery Game is Digimon for PSP

New adaptation is an RPG with character designs from Suzuhito Yasuda.

All this fuss over a new Digimon game.

We initially thought the mystery game Namco Bandai has been counting down at its official site was Brave Company, which was revealed last week as a 3DS and iOS simulation. However, Brave Company received an official site separate from the countdown site.

Let's try again. From the latest issue of V Jump comes first word of a new Digimon game for the PSP. The person leaking the details from the magazine (which hasn't hit retail yet) says that this is the countdown game.

We know only little bits about the game at present. Artwork apparently shows scenes of a Tokyo residential area, which would match up with the countdown site's artwork. The genre is said to be RPG, and the name is currently just a placeholder "Digimon." Character designs are from Suzuhito Yasuda, who's worked on games like Devil Survivor.

The countdown site will reach zero later this week, so we should get our first look soon!

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