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Sony Opens PlayStation Vita Community Site

Blog posts, Tweets and Likes to promote Sony's new portable system.


Sony is getting all social in its promotional push for PlayStation Vita. Today, the PlayStation.com portal was given a Vita-specific section called "PlayStation Vita Community Site." Access it here.

The community components of the site should be pretty obvious at a glance. There's a Twitter feed consisting of comments from visitors. There's the equivalent of a Facebook "Like," only it's linked up with PlayStation Network.

The site also has a blog component, which is also linked with Twitter. The first few posts are from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's CEO Hiroshi Kawano and Gravity Daze creator Keiichiro Toyama. Toyama is also featured as part of an interactive Q&A component where Sony will be taking questions from readers.

For gamers in America who are familiar with the PlayStation Blog, there doesn't appear to be anything particularly ground breaking here. But this type of community-driven presentation is different from how Sony Japan has promoted product in the past. In his blog post, Kawano suggests that this could be just the start of Sony's social-driven promotions for the Vita.

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