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Imageepoch Spending Mega Bucks on Type-Moon Game

Next up from RPG studio is Black Rock Shooter, made by the Last Ranker team.

Imageepoch's next PSP title is Black Rock Shooter, brought to us by the people that made Last Ranker.

Remember when Imageepoch CEO Ryoei Mikage said something about developing ten titles to follow its first self-published game Final Promise Story? He made this statement back in April during a pre-release event for the PSP RPG.

In a commentary piece in this week's Famitsu, Mikage made a similar comment, saying that Imageepoch is currently working away on ten titles.

Not all these games are created equal, it seems. The studio is putting major funding behind one title in particular, its collaborative project with Fate creator Type-Moon. Mikage said the development costs for this game will be over one billion yen.

The Type-Moon project is one of many projects Imageepoch announced when first declaring its intentions as a publisher last year. For a summary of the studio's press conference from last November, see this story (the mystery Sega collaboration at the end of that story turned out to be 7th Dragon 2020).

Imageepoch's next self-published title is Black Rock Shooter The Game. This is being made by the team that made the Capcom-published Last Ranker, Mikage said in Famitsu.

[via Sokuho]

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