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First Look: Lollipop Chainsaw

Grasshopper Manufacture presents a zombie action game starring a cheerleader, a chainsaw, and some random guy's head.


Questions answered by these first screens of Lollipop Chainsaw that appeared at Famitsu.com today: what color are main character Juliet Sterling's panties?

Questions not answered: why is there a head hanging off Juliet's waist?

(Other questions answered:

1. Zombies first appear in Juliet's school on her 18th birthday. Don't worry -- it's totally okay to take a peek!

2. Juliet is a cheerleader at her school.

3. Juliet's school, San Romero Highschool, is located on the West Coast (that would be of America, I believe) and is the largest school in the region.

4. Juliet's chainsaw is full of pink because pink is her favorite color.

5. By reaching certain conditions you can make Juliet's chainsaw power up, gaining new skills.)

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