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New Street Fighter x Tekken Characters Announced

Yoshimitsu, Dhalsim, Poison and Steve join the fight.


Capcom has revealed the identities of the mystery Street Fighter x Tekken characters it was teasing in the lead up to Comic-Con. Yoshimitsu (Tekken), Dhalsim (Street Fighter), Poison (Street Fighter) and Steve (Tekken) will take part in the crossover fight.

With these four, the confirmed roster now stands at 18. You can see a trailer and screenshots below.

Capcom also updated the game's official site today with some gameplay details. New systems include Super Arts, Super Charge and Cross Assault. The former depletes your Special Gauge for flashy specials. Super Charge allows you to charge up your moves, Ryu's Hadouken for instance, through three levels. Cross Assault depletes your Special Guage to brings out your partner character for a combined attack.

Comic-Con Trailer

Screens and Artwork

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