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Keiji Inafune Announces First Post Capcom Game

Former Capcom development head working on cute social game involving item synthesis.


Half a year after leaving Capcom, Keji Inafune has announced his first game, The Island of Dr. Momo. As reported at 4Gamer, the game was announced at a joint press conference that was held by GREE, Index (parent company of Atlus) and Inafune's new Comcept company.

The parties might have clued you in, but The Island of Dr. Momo is a social game for the popular GREE mobile social gaming service. You play as mad scientist Dr. Momo, who loves cute things. Dr. Momo combines animals together In an effort to make the world's cutest thing.

The Island of Dr. Momo will be available for play on iOS and Android sets this Fall. Like all GREE games, it will be item-based, meaning initial play is free.

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