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Final Fantasy Type-0 Shiva Debuts in Jump

There's only one this time, but she's twice as sexy. Plus, the latest Phantoma details too.


The Type-0 version of Shiva gets a full profile in Jump this week, and she is indeed as sexy as you might expect (although Jump refers to her as cute...). The magazine has artwork and a couple of screenshots of the summon.

You can actually see a few precious bits of Shiva in the recently released trailer, which is included in this story (at about the 3:50 mark).

As suggested by the trailer, Shiva moves around on the battle field like she's sliding, and attacks enemies with ice-based attacks, potentially freezing them and making them incapable of movement. She's capable of close up attacks as well, and you can even maker her do combo attacks depending on your button presses.

Separate from Shiva, the magazine has a few details on the game's Phantoma system. This previously announced system has you suck up "Phantoma" from fallen enemies and monsters. Phantoma is used to power up your character's magic. There are different types, indicated by the color. Different types of development require different types of Phantoma.

We should get a more detailed look at the Phantoma system and all the latest Final Fantasy Type-0 bits later this week from Famitsu.


Someone assembled a collage of all the character profile pics from the trailer. You can see the recently unveiled Andoria and Celeste in here.

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