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Phantasy Star Online 2 Alpha Test Begins in August

Sega shares the latest details on long awaited sequel.


Sega held its promised Phantasy Star Online 2 media briefing today. The big news, as reported at 4Gamer is that the game's alpha test is now confirmed for August. Sega had previously listed a vague summer time frame.

Participants have already been chosen for the alpha test (selection was held a few months back). If you didn't get in, Japan residents will still be able to try the game in advance in September, as Sega said today that it will bring a playable build to the Tokyo Game Show.

Sega also shared the latest details on the game today. Phantasy Star Online 2 will feature twelve player multiplayer play, with players grouping together in parties of four. The basic gameplay system, "Hybrid Custom Action," promises a great evolution for the franchise's action-oriented play, with things like TPS (third-person-shooter) style shooting, jumping, and original combos. The franchise's trademark action palette system has also evolved.

The game will offer three character classes: Hunters, who are good a close combat, Rangers, who are good at mid range combat, and Force, who use magic for long range combat. Character growth does away with character level, replacing this exclusively with "class level." As your class level rises, you gain access to new skills.

Visit 4Gamer for story details and our gallery for screenshots, and this story for a trailer.

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