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Ryota Niitsuma Discusses Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Since we already know all twelve characters, they have to add more, right? Right?

We shared a few details earlier in the day from Famitsu's Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 interview with producer Ryota Niitsuma. Here's a bit more from the interview, based off Sokuho@Hokanko's detailed summary.

In our earlier story, we wrote that Ultimate was originally set to be released as download content for MVC3. What Niitsuma actually said is that Capcom was planning on releasing download content for MVC3 following the game's March release. However, due to the earthquake and health issues, they changed this plan. The game we're getting in Ultimate has more content than was planned for the download content.

Four of twelve new fighters were officially confirmed for the game last week. The other eight almost immediately leaked out. So how did Capcom go about selecting the fighters? For the Marvel side, the selection was made based off the opinion of Marvel. To make up for this, characters from the Capcom side were selected based off fan and staff desire.

There are a number of other changes on the way aside from the new characters. As detailed last week, the game's online play is getting a much requested viewing mode. The staff is also reducing lag and speeding up matching.

The Ultimate experience will be expanding post release. Capcom hopes to release an arranged costume for each character. Additionally, they'll be releasing new modes with such rules as unlimited hyper combos.

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