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Atelier Meruru Download Content Begins Today

Three characters and a new location for Atelier fans.


Gust is kicking off download content for Atelier Meruru today with new playable characters and a new location. The characters are ¥500 each. The location is free.

Have a look at screens of all the goodies below.


Meruru's friend and shop owner, Fuana uses a boomerang as her weapon.

Rufes Falken

Meruru's steward Rufes uses a whip as his weapon, but when things get serious he'll drop the whip and fight with his fists.


Pamela uses her umbrella as a weapon.


A new location that Fuana tells Meruru about. You'll find new items for your alchemy, but you'll also have to face off against powerful enemies. Make sure you're well equipped before exploring.

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