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Nintendo Gives Free Game Boy Advance and NES Games to Early 3DS Adopters

Super Mario Advance 2, Metroid Fusion and Mario Kart Advance to be exclusive to 3DS Ambassadors.

Early 3DS adopters will get a first shot at this!

Did you spend ¥25,000 to get a 3DS at launch? Then you might be a bit annoyed at the news that the system's price is going to be cut to ¥15,000 on August 11.

Nintendo is attempting to soften the blow through the 3DS Ambassador Program. To become an Ambassador, you'll need to have bought or buy a 3DS prior to August 10 at 23:59. You'll also need to access the Nintendo e-Shop at least once no later than August 10.

Ambassadors will get to download games from the Famicom and Game Boy Advance 3DS Virtual Console lineup.

Famicom is due to be added to the Virtual Console lineup by the end of the year. Ambassadors will get access to a lineup of 10 titles in advance, on September 1. The lineup includes Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Jr., Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, The Legend of Zelda, and five unspecified titles.

Game Boy Advance is a more exclusive bonus for Ambassadors. Ten GBA games will be available by the end of the year. Included are Super Mario Advance 3, Mario Kart Advance, Metroid Fusion, Made in Wario, Mario vs Donkey Kong, and five unspecified titles. These games will be made available exclusively to Ambassadors. Nintendo says that it has no plan to sell them in the future as paid releases.

The Famicom Virtual Console titles will be a bit incomplete initially. They won't have instruction manuals and will not be compatible with simultaneous two player play. The final paid versions will have these features. Ambassadors will be able to upgrade for free when the final versions are available.

The Game Boy Advance VC titles will also lack instruction manuals. Nintendo says that you'll have to view the manuals online.

There are a few additional caveats about the early releases. The Game Boy Advance titles will disable the system's Spot Pass and Street Pass features. Also, you will not be able to transfer them to other 3DS systems once Nintendo makes available software for transferring games between 3DS systems.

Japanese readers can additional details here.

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