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First Look: Hatsune Miku 2020 in 7th Dragon 2020

Cute version of virtual idol appears in PSP 7th Dragon sequel.


Famitsu revealed earlier this week that Sega is holding a crossover that will bring virtual idol Hatsune Miku into Imageepoch's PSP RPG 7th Dragon 2020. Today, Sega made the news official and shared screenshots:

That's Hatsune Miku 2020 in the 7th Dragon 2020 introduction. Future chibi-styled Miku will sing the game's theme song, SeventH-HeaveN, which is written and composed by sasakure.UK.

We'll get a look at the intro at the game's official site shortly.

Sega also provided a look at the game's pre-order bonus. Buyers will get "Dragon Chronicle 2020," which includes a book, a limited soundtrack with eight songs, and a hard cover with an illustration from character designer Shiro Miwa.

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