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Many Final Fantasy Type-0 Screenshots

Get your first look at the Alto Crystarium system, figure skating Shiva, and the character who's totally named after this site!


Square Enix has shared a bunch of screenshots from Final Fantasy Type-0, showing off many of the recent revelations from Famitsu, Jump and the likes. Have a look at all the shots below, and for further details on what you're looking at see these stories:


Shown here are Jack, Seven, and Deuce, the latest characters from Class Zero. Seven has a "whip sword," which you can probably best visualize by looking at her artwork. Jack uses a katana. Deuce uses a flute.

Concordia Ladies

Shown here are Andoria (on the throne) and Hoshihime or Celestia, both from the Concordia Kingdom of dragon masters.


The latest summon reveal, the sexy Shiva will move about like she's figure skating.

Magic Types

Shown below from top to bottom are the Shot Gun, Rifle, Bomb, Missile and Rocket Launcher magic types that were revealed earlier in the week.

Phantoma and Alto Crystarium

You suck up Phantoma from fallen foes, and use it to power up your magic in game's "Alto Crystarium" system. The Alto Crystarium system appears to be less visual than the Crystarium system from Final Fantasy XIII.

Other Images

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