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Instant Brain Set for November 10

Gemaga reveals the release date for Xbox 360 adventure game from shooting masters at Cave.


Cave's Makoto Asada said earlier today that we'd be getting a release date for Instant Brain before the end of the month. He was apparently referring to the end-of-month magazines, as this month's Gemaga reveals the date to be November 10.

Asada is known for his shooting games, but Instant Brain represents his first attempt at making a visual novel-style adventure game. The Xbox 360 title was announced earlier this year.

Outside of the date, the magazine reveals that the game will be fully voiced for everyone except the main character. The staff is apparently currently concerned about fitting everything onto the disc.

You'll be pressing buttons less frequently in Asada's latest.

In a post at the Cave development blog earlier today, Asada promised another "interesting announcement" about Instant Brain in August.

[via Sokuho]

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