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Mega Update for iPhone Deathsmiles Coming Next Week

BGM, jigsaw puzzle mini game and more on the way!


Cave is readying a huge update next week for the iOS version of Death Smiles. The update will add the following features:

Costume change
Unlock costumes for Tiara.
You'll have to unlock this through a special trick whose hint is "Flash flash? Tap tap!"
Jigsaw Puzzle Minigame
Complete an original illustration from Yukinatsu Mori using pieces that you unlock by playing the game.
New Items
Weapons from Guwange and DoDonPachi Resurrection available as DLC items.
User Requested Features
Screen rotation (flipping) and an option to switch the game screen to the left or right.

The update will be available on August 6. Visit this page on the 5th for a Ustream broadcast showing off the update.

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