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Gundam Car Nav Software Available for iPhone

Face off against Mobile Suits on the road.


Namco Bandai kicked off a new iPhone series today: Character Navi. The first entry in this character themed car navigation software series is, of course, Gundam.

Gundam Navi features an original interface designed around either the Federation or Zeon forces. You get to select your preference when booting up the app.

Your car appears on the map as a Mobile Suit. But it's not alone! The app includes "battle events." Enemy Mobile Suits will appear on the map at random, and you'll have to defeat them. This requires no actual interaction on your part -- just continue driving, an get past the enemy's position. Namco Bandai says that this system is patent pending.

Gundam Navi is available today for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. The app costs ¥3,500 for one year of usage.

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