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Senran Kagura Action Trailer

Max out your Ninpo gauge for dress up time!


This new trailer for MMV'S erotic 3DS action title is all action... well, maybe 99% action and 1% impossible jiggle. Have a look:

See all those gauges at the top of the screen? One of them is your "Ninpo Gauge." You fill it up by pounding away at enemies. Max it out, and your character can transform, after a brief moment of being in her underwear, of course.

Here's cover girl Asuka's transformation sequence.

When transformed, your character has increased attack and defense strength. You can also make use of a special Ninpo move, which deals mega damage.

There are other ways to get your girl down to her undies. Just let her get beat up, and the game's clothing damage system will work its magic.

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