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Atelier Meruru CERO Rating Changed to "B"

Content will not be changed following ratings issue.


Gust and ratings board CERO acted quick to fix a ratings issue that prompted Gust yesterday to halt future shipments of Atelier Meruru.

The two announced today that future prints of the game will be rated B instead of the original A. Additionally, CERO's "sexual" content descriptor icon will now be shown on the back of the box.

Under CERO's rating system, A means playable by everyone. B means 12 and up.

Aside from the B rating and the content descriptor icon, nothing else will change. In its announcement of the new rating today, Gust said that the game's content will be unchanged.

CERO announced yesterday that it had discovered content inappropriate of an A rating in Atelier Meruru, which shipped for PS3 on June 23. Gust said that it would halt shipments of the game until the issue was resolved.

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