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3DS Pricedrop Decision Came From GameCube Lessons

Nintendo execs believe they had a chance, but did not properly use it.


Did Nintendo's sudden 10,000 yen priced drop for the 3DS seem a big out of place for the company? There may be a good reason for that: Nintendo is learning from what it believes are mistakes it made in the past.

During a Q&A session at a Tokyo investors briefing on Friday, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata said that one reason they were able to make the decision to drop the system's price was due to lessons learned from the Gamecube. There's an internal feeling at Nintendo that with the Gamecube, they had a chance that they did not utilize. Iwata noted that this is not just his feeling, but something that's shared amongst the company's entire management.

Another reason Iwata mentioned for the decision to drop the price is the state of Nintendo's finances. The success of the Wii and the DS have left Nintendo's war chest in a good condition, allowing it to take on business risks, such as the 3DS price drop and Wii U development, simultaneously.

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