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Grandia Creator Takeshi Miyaji Dead at 45

Miyaji worked on games like Silpheed, Grandia and Gun Griffon and founded G-Mode.


G-Mode issued a statement today announcing that its CEO Takeshi Miyaji died suddenly on July 29. Miyaji was 45 years old.

Miyaji is known for his work at Gamearts, a company that he founded at the age of 19 with his brother Yoichi Miyaji. He worked on a number of Gamearts classics, including Silpheed (PC, Mega CD), Gun Griffon (Saturn), and the Grandia series. In 2000, he formed G-Mode.

G-Mode did not share the circumstances of Miyaji's death. Taking his place as CEO of G-Mode will be Ryu Okoriyama CEO of Gaia Holdings.

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