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Instant Brain Demo Coming in September

You'll need to get a copy of Famitsu Xbox 360 or Gemaga to get the demo.

All the girls in Instant Brain have giant melons stuffed in their shirts.

The Cave development blog was updated today with the Instant Brain release date that appeared in Gemaga late last week. As reported here, the Xbox 360 title, the first adventure game from Cave shoot'em up master Makoto Asada, will be released on November 10.

A demo will be released in late September. But there's somewhat of a catch. To get the dmeo, you'll need to pick up a copy of Famitsu Xbox 360 or Gemaga. A serial code for the demo will be included in the late September issues of those magazines.

This demo announcement is not the August announcement that Asada wrote about in his previous column. That announcement is due in the middle of the month.

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