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Spike Readying Danganronpa Sequel for PSP

The evil Mono Bear is back, and this time he's getting Psycho Tropical!


Spike is using Super Nintendo style naming for its Danganronpa sequel. Famitsu reveals this week that the critically acclaimed PSP title is getting a followup called Super Danganronpa 2 Farewell School of Despair.

The original Danganronpa, fully titled Danganronpa School of Hope and Students of Despair, was released for PSP in November of last year. Described as a "high speed detective game," the game is set in an elite high school where a group of incoming students is held hostage by a an evil bear claiming to be their principal. In order to survive, students have to kill off one another. The main character decides to instead investigate the murders.

You'll find all our coverage and screenshots of the original here.

The sequel takes place immediately after the events of the original, but heads down to an island paradise. Keywords for the sequel include "High Speed Detective Paradise" and "Psycho Tropical."

One of the charms of the original was its voice cast. Currently, it's only known that Mono Bear, the evil bear from the original, will be voiced once again by Doraemon voice actress Nobuyo Ooyama.

Famitsu does not list a release date for the sequel.

[Via Sinobi]

The cast of the first Danganronpa. Mono Bear is to the right.

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