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Capcom's 3DS Adventure Game Nazo Waku Yakata Gets a Paid Demo

Download the first chapter if you're not sure of a purchase.


Nazo Waku Yakata sees full release on the 4th. If you're not sure about paying full price for the game, you'll get to try out a sampler in advance, as Nintendo and Capcom will be releasing a "demo" of sorts through the Nintendo e-Shop.

The "demo" will include the game's first chapter, offering a sampling of the game's realistic sound component.

The reason demo is in quotes above is because Nintendo and Capcom do not actually refer to the download as a demo. In fact, you're going to have to pay ¥200 for the privilege. It also seems that future chapters may be under consideration for download, although Nintendo's information page says that this is currently undecided.

If you want to try before you buy (to the tune of ¥4,800 for the full game!), connect to the e-Shop on Thursday.

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