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Strip the Queen of her Clothes in the Senran Kagura x Hero 30 Second Mini Game

You have 30 seconds.


Hero 30 Second and Senran Kagura don't have much in common. They're on different platforms, after all. One has big pixels. One has big breasts.

But Marvelous decided to promote the games through a collaborative mini game that you can play now at the Hero 30 Second official site.

The game stars Princess Yushia from Hero 30 Second, although not as the playable character. You're put in control of the demon king, and you must attack Yushia until her clothes come off. You have... 30 seconds.

The artwork from Queen Yushia comes from Senran Kagura character designer Nan Yaegashi. Succeed at the mini game, and you'll get a sexy wallpaper of Yushia.

Here's what Yushia looks like in Hero 30 Second.

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