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First Look: Heroes Fantasia

Yes, there is a crossover RPG with Sergeant Frog. Take a look at these first screens.


Just in case you thought our earlier report on Heroes Fantasia was part of a bold attempt at establishing yesterday as some sort of August Fools Day, here's proof that there is a crossover RPG involving Sergeant Frog.

Famitsu.com has even more screens from Heroes Fantasia, which was revealed in this week's Weekly Famitsu to be a new PSP RPG from Namco Bandai.

The site has a couple of additional details about the game's battle system. Battles are turn-based, fought with a party of four characters. Each character corresponds to one of the face buttons, triangle, circle, x and square. Press a button, and the corresponding character will attack. You can continue to attack until the number shown in the screen's upper right depletes to zero.

You'll also have to keep formation under consideration as you fight. Pressing the d-pad makes your characters shift position. Different positions give you access to different skills.

Heroes Fantasia is currently at 60% complete, Famitsu reports. The game is due for release this Winter.

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