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Play as a fighting game fanatic with a tablet computer in Robotics;Notes

5pb. shares details and a teaser trailer for its new adventure game.


5pb.'s Robotics;Notes is now officially a PS360 title. If you didn't believe all the Famitsu leaks from yesterday, believe the newly updated official site.

Xbox 360's more fanatical fan base are currently experiencing tremendous nerd rage now. Ironically, these are the same people who are said to be the world's saviors in the game.

"The world's saviors aren't heroes... they're otaku." That's the text in red at the bottom of the iPad thing in the above image.

The image of a hand holding what looked like an iPad was shared a while back (minus all the character art). This made many initially think the game's mystery platform was iOS.

Actually, the tablet is part of the game's story. Robotics;Notes is set in the year 2019. People carry with them a "Phondroid OS" equipped tablet called Pokecon (I think that's meant to be like Pocket and Computer).

You play as Kaito Yashio, a third year high school student and member of the robot research club. You're an otaku -- specifically, a fighting game otaku good enough to become rank five in all of Japan.

Kaito is joined by his longtime friend Akiho Senomiya, also a member of the robot research club. Her older sister created the club, and now Akiho and Kaito are its only two members.

Pokecon is 7 inch touch enabled device. You're able to bring up the device whenever you like, as shown in these screens from Famitsu.com.

The Pokecon provides you with various bits of information about the scene and story. The Pokecon is also how you access the main menu as you play.

There appear to be some additional hints about how the Pokecon is used in this new trailer that 5pb. released today.

Robotics;Notes is developed with support from Nitro Plus, and also has the support of JAXA, Japan's space agency. The game is produced by 5pb.'s Tatsuya Matsuhara (also producer on Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head), has a scenario from Naotaka Hayashi (Steins;Gate, Chaos;Head, Memories Off series) and has character designs from Tomonori Fukuda. Fukuda's character designs appear as full 3D models.

Since yesterday's announcement, 5pb./Mages CEO Chiyomaru Shikura has been Tweeting about the decision to go multiplatform with the game. In one post, he revealed that they're currently looking into the possibility of a release on PC, cell phones and smartphones.

Corrections: A previous version of this story said that the Robotics; Notes is developed by Nitro Plus. Nitro Plus is actually listed in Famitsu's article as providing support. Also, the name of the scenario writer was previously written incorrectly. Thanks, Remy!

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