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NSFW: Super Danganronpa's Mono Bear Wears a Revealing Bikini


PSP sequel Super Danganronpa 2 takes the story south to an island paradise. Mono Bear, the evil principal who held the main characters captive in the original Danganronpa, brought a bikini that hides absolutely nothing!

Mono Bear is also featured in this first teaser trailer:

Super Danganronpa 2 takes place on a chain of five paradise islands. The basic idea is the same as the school-based original though: your fellow students are killing one-another, and you have to figure out who killed who.

In the original, chapters concluded with an Ace Attorney-ish judgement component where you use evidence that you gathered to convict the murderer. The sequel builds upon this system with a new "refutation" element where the accused can counter your arguments.

There will be other new gameplay elements as well. In an interview in Famitsu this week, the game's development staff promises mini games and other new features.

Visit Famitsu.com for a few game screens.

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