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Konami Earnings Up On Strong Social Games Performance

No Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker this quarter means drop in consumer games sales.


Konami saw higher sales and earnings in its video game business in the first quarter of the year covering April through June. In its quarterly earnings report today, the company attributed the results to strong performance in social gaming.

In Konami's digital games business, which includes video games, social games, e-Amusement and card games, total sales rose from 25 billion yen in the first quarter of last year to 26.1 billion yen this year. Operating income for the division was up from 2.3 billion yen to 6.1 billion yen.

The gains came largely through social games, which saw increased sales from last year's 2.4 billion yen to 7.8 billion yen. Traditional consumer games fell from 14.3 billion yen last year to 7.7. billion yen this year.

Konami's social games lineup includes Dragon Collection, Powerful Baseball Club, Sengoku Collection Bomberman for GREE, and Professional Baseball. Dragon Collection is, as of June, the number 1 title on the popular GREE social gaming platform. Professional Baseball is number 2. Total membership in the company's social games has surpassed 8 million.

In the consumer game area, Konami sold 2.76 million units of software worldwide, down from the 4.62 million of last year's first quarter. Japan was the company's top territory, just as it was last year. Soccer was easily the company's number one genre, as there was no Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker this year. PSP and PS3 tied for the top platform this year, each accounting for 25% of sales. Last year, PSP dominated with 40%.

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