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Disgaea 3 Return Confirmed for PlayStation Vita

Nippon Ichi including all download content from PS3 version, and new scenarios.


There were some reports a few weeks back about a Disgaea 3 remake or port being planned for PlayStation Vita. Dengeki PlayStation confirms those reports this wek.

The game in question is titled Disgaea 3 Return (or possibly Returns). Nippon Ichi is making some improvements over the PS3 original, including the use of close-up character pics (seen in Disgaea 4), four new scenarios, and two new characters. All the DLC from the PS3 will be included.

The original reports said that the game would be released opposite the Vita launch. It's unclear at present if Dengeki confirms this, although we'll hopefully get more details later in the day.

From the PS3 version. The low res sprites probably won't look as icky on the Vita.

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