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Falcom CEO on PlayStation Vita and Latest Legend of Heroes

Over 70 hours play time for Ao no Kiseki.


Falcom said earlier this year that it was working on a new RPG for PlayStation Vita (or as it was known then, NGP). In this week's Dengeki PlayStation, Falcom CEO Toshihiro Kondo provides a brief update.

The new game has reached a point where it can be played a considerable amount, Kondo told the magazine. Development will require a bit more time, though.

Kondo also expressed interest in some of the system's special features, saying that pointing devices are a good fit for Falcom games. He added that Falcom would not simply use a feature just because it's there, though. As an example, he mentioned the system's front and rear touch capabilities. The new game uses both, but only where truly necessary.

Also in the Dengeki interview, Kondo provided some commentary on Falcom's latest PSP title, Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki, the next Legend of Heroes games following Trails in the Sky (or Zero no Kiseki). Development is now complete. The staff is currently working on the final checks.

You can expect around 70 to 80 hours of play time. The game has around two times the voice of the Trails in the Sky.

If you played Trails, you'll want to keep your save file, as you'll be able to import some data, including character level and character relationship stats. If you didn't play Trails, you'll be pleased to know that there's a recap and keyword feature that will get you up to speed.

Ao no Kiseki is due for release on September 29. A limited version of the game will playable at September's Tokyo Game Show. Falcom will also be giving out large bags sporting LED Ao no Kiseki logos.

[via Sokuho@Hokanko]

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