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Senran Kagura and Ikki Tousen in the Ultimate Mega Breast Crossover

MMV is crossing its games and things are bound to explode!


Senran Kagura and Ikki Tousen are crossing over, and just like when you cross the streams of a proton pack, something's going to explode!

MMV is holding a crossover promotion between 3DS mega breast disintegrating clothes ninja action game Senran Kagura and browser mega breast disintegrating clothes card game Browser Ikki Tousen.

The result appears to be just some special cards for the Ikki Tousen side of the collaboration. Here's the card for Senran Kagura covergirl Asuka:

Additional facets of the crossover will be announced at the Senran Kagura official site.

This is just the latest in a series of collaborations for Senran Kagura. Previously, MMV announced a tie-up with drug store Akahige. This crossover will result in special Senran Kagura packaging for a health drink, and an appearance of an Akahige shop in the game.

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