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Disgaea 3 Return to be Playable at Tokyo Game Show

Nippon Ichi CEO discusses plans for Vita port, and future plans for Vita.


Dengeki PlayStation does not have a release time frame for Disgaea 3 Return. However, it does provide an indication of when we'll get to play the PlayStation Vita title.

In an interview with the magazine, Nippon Ichi CEO Sohei Niikawa says that current plans call for the game to be shown in playable form at this year's Tokyo Game Show, which will be held in mid September.

As detailed earlier, the Vita port of PlayStation 3's Disgaea 3 will feature four new scenarios. These all take place after the main storyline and have different main characters. They're meant to shine the spotlight on side characters. One of the four scenarios will feature two new characters.

In his interview, Niikawa said the main attraction for the Vita version is the new scenarios. The last of the four scenarios is so long that one could actually say the game includes five new scenarios, he said.

The Vita version will also include all the PS3 version's download content, including the four chapters of the Raspberyl scenario, 49 background tracks, 29 save data icons, and so-forth.

There could be additional Vita exclusive features besides the new scenarios. Niikawa said that they're hoping to make use of positional information and touch functionality. The Vita version may also get its own download content, although if this were the case the content would focus on characters from Disgaea 4.

One thing that won't be changing is the sprite resolution. Niikawa said that they were considering upping the visuals the high resolution like in Disgaea 4, but instead decided to focus on adding content to the game. He assured that the game looks beautiful on the Vita screen.

The Vita version may have faster load times than PS3 version. While the game is not yet running on the system's flash cards, Niikawa expects the loading to be better due to both the Vita's advanced capabilities and better memory management (I'm not sure if he's referring to the Vita's better memory management or the programmers' better memory management).

Nippon Ichi will be looking at the response Return gets to decide what type of titles they should bring to the Vita, Niikawa said.

Separate from Disgaea 3 Return, Niikawa also provided hints about four of Nippon Ichi's unannounced games. For details, see this story.

[via Sokuho@Hokanko]

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